Woolly Rhino Femur Bone

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Even in the worst condition, complete Woolly Rhino Limb bones are highly uncommon. But this specimen is one of the finest you will ever come across. It has even been on display before in a museum (hence the drilling hole). These 80.000 to 20.000 year old bones are sometimes found beneath the ocean floor in the North Sea, but almost never in this condition.

The area where the North Sea lies today, there were lush grass fields during the last Ice Age, because of the low sea level. Mammoths and the Woolly Rhino’s used to roam this area.

Only when you hold a colossal bone like this, you get a feel for the shear size of these animals, they where absolutely massive. A Woolly Rhino stood over two meters high and weighed a whopping 2700 kilograms!

Size: 46 cm at the longest, 22 cm at the widest.

Weight: 3,4 kilogram without the base.

Base: Black Granite 3,4 kilogram

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 x 22 x 10 cm


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