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For the love of the Weird and Wonderful

Welcome to Dead Cat Curiosities

We started by traveling and collecting ourselves and showing friends what treasures and delights are out there. After accumulating a serious collection of oddities, it was time let go of some artefacts to create room for others. Now we have become a specialty store in specialities.

No Web Shop Shop

Dead Cat Curiosities looks like a web store, when in fact, it is not. All our items are sold via third parties. If you are interested in any of our objects, you can redirect yourself to the proper selling platform. If you have any questions please reach out.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Ever since the 16th century, the wealthy showed their love of nature, their knowledge of the world and their fascination of the extraordinary by keeping all sorts of oddities in a Cabinet of Curiosities.

Now a days it seems, we need a Cabinet of Curiosities more than ever. To be amazed. Not about what we see in the digitale world, but about what’s right there. In our living room, in our hands. Feel the weight of an ancient bone, touch the smooth texture of something not of this planet and marvel at the ingenuity of our forefathers.

Commissioned Cabinets

In some cases, people would like to obtain a Cabinet of Curiosities, for a drawing room or office, but can not find the time to research and accumulate an entire collection. We love to help. We take on projects to create custom made cabinets with a collection of curiosities, in all styles. Please reach out. We can discuss your wishes and budget.

Treasures, Artworks and Natural Oddities

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