Meteorite 180gr. Unbroken.

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The Planetary Science Institute, estimates that probably 500 meteorites reach the surface of Earth every year, but only 10 are recovered… Here’s one. And it’s in one piece and quite large.

This lil fella, was minding his own business for 4,6 bilion years when it was suddenly bumped out of the Kuipers Belt. Of all the directions it could have gone, it was directed towards Earth and eventually it came crashing down the Earths atmosphere with a mind boggling speed. It didn’t completely burn up and it didn’t break as it crashed in too the soft Saharan sand. Even more miraculeus, it was found.

The odd’s of this piece of space rock coming in our possession are ‘astronomically’ small.

That is why we put it on a beautifully handcrafted brass stand, to marvel at it and to celebrate its uniqueness.


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