Woolly Mammoth Vertebra

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This well preserved Woolly Mammoth Thoracic Vertebra is considered to be in mint condition. The vertebral body is completely in tact, which is often not the case with these ancient bones. This bone is about 35.000 years old and the coffee colour tells us that it was found in the North Sea.

The Woolly Mammoth is an icon of the last Ice Age and a piece of it can’t be missed in any collection. To us, this vertebra on a stand looks like pure art.

This bone, will give you an idea of how large these creatures actually were and if you fantasies hard enough you will get a picture of how incredible it is that humans could hunt and bring these giants down. A Woolly Mammoth stood 3,5 meters high and weighed over 6000 kilograms. That’s one big Pleistocene hamburger.

Size: 60cm at the longest, 29cm at the widest.


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