Viking Sun Stone

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Now a days, it is common sense, that Columbus was certainly not the one who discovered ‘The New World’. It were the Aliens… kidding, it were the Vikings. This tough Germanic tribe was able to navigate the vast Atlantic ocean 500 years before Columbus, without any nautical inventions. But Archaeologists did find pieces of a curtain mineral stone in Viking shipwrecks. They found slices of Iceland Spar.

There is a lot of debate on how to use this crystal, but it is generally accepted that a piece of Iceland Spar reveals the position of the sun, on cloudy days, when pointed on the horizon. Iceland Spar made it possible to navigate by the position of the sun, even during very bad weather. Hence the name: Viking Sun Stone.

To gaze in wonder at this magical piece of mineral we put it on a beautiful handcrafted brass stand.


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